Material: Hub aluminium. Bellows stainless steel. Version: Bright. Note: Radial clamping of the hub for short mounting times and easy installation even in difficult to reach spaces. Take note of the required clamping screw tightening torque. Assembly: The shaft to hub bore fit should be a transition fit. The play should be min. 0.01 mm and max. 0.04 mm. i.e: shaft Ø 28 k6 bore Ø 28 F6. Bores smaller than D min. are possible, however an optimal transfer of the nominal torque is no longer guaranteed. As the metal bellows are made of thin stainless steel plate, special care should be taken during installation and removal. Damages to the bellows can render the coupling unusable. On request: Hub bores D1 and D2 with separate tolerance class or range.

  • Metal bellows couplings with radial clamping hub
  • Metal bellows couplings
  • couplings norelem

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Material aluminium, stainless steel

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