heracle offers germanium doped fused silica graded index multimode fibers needed for data communication at the optical wavelengths 850 nm and/or 1300 nm. The metalized optical fiber is supplied with either 24 kt Gold or Aluminum coatings. As an electric conductor, these types of coatings provide the user with the ability to terminate the fiber directly onto the coating, supporting hermetically sealed assemblies. Gold and Aluminum coated fibers are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The manufacturing process utilized in the production of these fibers result in low stress corrosion susceptibility, and thus offering improved mechanical protection to the optical fiber when used in the most challenging harsh environments. All metal coated graded index fibers are 100 % quality tested to Heracle‘s stringent test procedures in accordance with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA/EIA) and international Fiber Optic Test Procedures (FOTP).

Optical fibres
  • metallized fiber
  • graded index fiber
  • aluminum fiber

Product features

Core Profile graded index
core size 50 µm or 62.5 µm
Metall coating Gold or Aluminum

Additional product literature

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