Heat Treatment furnaces MOV are ideal for the treatment of sophisticated materials if high temperatures and an absolutely clean hydro-carbon free atmosphere are required. Due to the ultrahigh vacuum atmosphere as well as the extreme temperature homogeneity and the fully automatic process the furnaces are especially suitable for the economic application in industrial and medical productions, i.e. for brazing of vacuum interruptors, parts of x ray tubes, heat exchangers, parts used in the medical and aerospace industry. Applications: MOV furnaces are universally applicable if heat treatment with particularly high requirements in respect of cleanliness for exacting materials is involved, for example: • Degassing of electric or radiation tube components • Bright- and stress-free annealing of high-temperature alloys • Sintering of high-melting and heavy metals such as tungsten • Production of high-quality fluxless braze joinings of steels, steel-ceramics and many other materials.

Heat treatment furnaces

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