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Our team is composed of engineers, welders and mechanical fitters specialized in the manufacture of stainless steel products, with all the knowhow and professional skills necessary to build the most complex types of metal structures. Over the years, since 2005, we have manufactured stainless steel structures for the largest factories in the dairy, soft drinks and mineral water industries, as well as for the pharmaceutical industry. We have taken over and developed national and international projects, building aluminium and stainless steel structures for clients in Romania, France, Germany and Austria. Are you looking for highquality, sturdy metal structures? Request a quote now, or contact us for more information!

  • Steel & Metal Transformation
  • steel structures
  • stainless steel
  • food industry

Product characteristics

according to customer requirements
Material quality
W1.4301 / W1.4404
matt, sandblasted, satin

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400641 Cluj-Napoca - Romania