Metal swarf shredding

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In metal-working shops utilising swarf-producing manufacturing techniques, the generated swarf is often an underestimated cost factor: This means your expensive machine tool cannot attain its full productive potential. The key challenge here is therefore: PROCESS RELIABILITY But there is another way. In fact, there are several proven solutions – centralised and decentralised – to this problem. ERDWICH machines and plant for swarf shredding and processing offer the highest levels of economic viability, safety and efficiency. With the decentralised solution, the ERDWICH swarf breaker is set up directly next to the lathe or machining centre. The swarf is removed and transported away to a central processing point either manually using a swarf cart or by means of pneumatic extraction, pumping or some other conveyor system. With the centralised solution, the swarf is collected in swarf carts at each machining centre and then transported to the ERDWICH master processing plant. This...

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