The first polymer-lined precision bearing for lubricated conditions offering low friction and high wear resistance that is designed to be machined on-site for tight tolerances Excellent wear resistance and low friction in lubricated hydraulic applications Excellent chemical resistance, fatigue strength, cavitation and flow erosion resistance, and good behavior in dry start-up conditions A minimum overlay thickness of 0.1 mm permits, under carefully controlled conditions, machining of the assembled bore for improved dimensional tolerance and reduced geometric defects, while retaining a thin layer of PTFE sliding surface Compatible with most standard machining processes including turning, broaching, reaming, and milling Lead-free material compliant to EVL, WEEE, and RoHS specifications

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Product features

Maximum load, p Static 140
Operating temperature Min °C - 200
Maximum sliding speed, U 10
Maximum pU factor 100 *
Coefficient of friction 0.01 - 0.08
Shaft surface roughness, Ra µm ≤ 0.05 - 0.2 *
Shaft surface hardness HB > 200

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