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Cr-Grit stainless steel shot is a very aggressive abrasive. Retains its angular shape for a long period of time, suitable for aggressive blasting operations. Hardness: ± 59 HRC Shape: angular Density: 7.9 g / cm3 Welcome to BLASQEM, your Specialist in Shots, Abrasives and Equipment: - Abrasive Products and Accessories - Abrasive steel shots - Abrasives manufacturer - Abrasives solutions - Blasting material - Metallic shots and organic media or glass sandblasting and aluminium oxide or carbon grit abrasive shots for shot blasting - Steel Abrasives and aluminium shot for shot blasting operations - Blasqem is the industry's leading supplier of industrial abrasive

  • Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating
  • Shot and abrasives
  • metal abrasives
  • Abrasives for stripping

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