MiJET Wash Station 20,3cm - MiJET washing station 20,5 cm diameter with solvent container and parts basket

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The cleaning station MiJET Wash Station with integrated cleaning basin ensures clean workplaces and oil-free cleaned workpieces. No electrical connection is required for this. Only a compressed air connection is required. Application The washing station consists of a worktable, in which a wash basin with nozzle and a MiJET are installed. The washbasin serves as a pre-cleaning unit, the MiJET then removes excess cleaning agents from the workpieces. Ideally, the washing station is useful for heavily oiled workpieces as well as for scratch-sensitive parts. The advantage for easy blowing off of the parts is that oil mist formation is prevented and thus the health of the operator is not endangered. In addition, the working environment remains free of oil.

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88,90 cm
61,59 cm
61,59 cm