Micro Switches


Reqular or sealed operating heads. Momentary contacts. Completely sealed constructure. Wide choice of heads and actuators. Plastic (Standard) or phenolic housing. Regular or light operating force. Temperature range +5 to +175 (-15 to +80). Soldering Terminal or Fast Terminal

Switching systems
  • Constructure Switches
  • Operating Heads
  • Operating Force

Product features

15A 125 or 250V AC
1/8 HP 125V AC
1/4HP 250V AC
1/2A 125V DC
1/4A 250V DC
Operating speed 0.01mm to 1m/sec
Operating frequency Mechanically 240 operations/min
Operating frequency Electrically 20 operations/min
Contact resistance 15m max.(initial)
Insulation resistance 100M min.( at 500V DC)
Dielectric strength 1,000VAC,50/60 Hz for 1 minute between non-continuous terminals 2,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Vibration Malfunction durability 10 to 55 Hz 1.5mm double amplitude
Shock Approx.1,000m/sec2(approx.100G's)
Ambient operating temperature General purpose type -25 to +80
Ambient operating temperature Sealed type -15 to +80
Humidity General purpose type 85% RH max
Humidity Sealed type 95% RH
Service life Mechanically 20,000,000 operations min
Service life Electrically (1.7A,110VAC)MAX 500,000 operations min

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