MicroFLOW IR methane sensor

Inline NDIR bench for CH4 and hydrocarbon monitoring


Inline NDIR CH4 sensor for measuring combustible and explosive gases such as methane or propane. Designed for various gas measurement applications like environmental monitoring, process control or leak detection, even for hand held gas detection systems. The sensor can easily be integrated into OEM systems. IR dual beam technology and mems based components provide long term stability due to low signal drift. FEATURES ■ High accuracy by 5 point pre calibration ■ Temperature and pressure compensated, integrated temperature measurement ■ RS485 interface, customized interface for controlling keys and displays ■ Low signal drift by dual beam technology ■ Low maintenance (maintenance service available) APPLICATIONS ■ Industry □ Environmental monitoring and process controll □ Detection of leaks in petro chemical facilities ■ Mining □ Underground monitoring of methane levels ■ Agriculture □ Process monitoring in bio gas plants

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  • ndir
  • CH4

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