With the MicroLevi Gripper, sensitive materials can be picked and placed from above without any contact. It is used for handling small workpieces, such as small foils and glasses, dies, chips, and other small parts. Through a combination of vacuum and ultrasound, attractive and repulsive forces act simultaneously on the workpiece and keep it at a distance, even when gripping from above. As a result, no contamination or micro-scratches can occur on the small part. The MicroLevi gripper can be combined with tips of different sizes. Due to the small dimensions, the self-centering of the workpieces is guaranteed, so that no supporting side stops are required, and high-precision positioning is possible. The gripper can be moved sideways and swiveled. Features of the MicroLevi Gripper: - Contactless topside gripping - Self-centering of the workpiece - High-precision pick and place - No micro-scratches or other damages - No particles because no air turbulence

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MicroLevi-Gripper - Contactless Handling of Small Parts

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