Microbiological examinations/tests from bacteria to viruses

Microbiological tests for disinfectants, medical devices, pharma and cosmetics


Microbiological examinations / Microbiological tests against viruses, bacteriophages, bacteria, yeast, molds, mycobacteria and bacterial spores for disinfectants, medical devices, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics Our team of experts supports manufacturers of biocidal and medical products as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals scientifically in the context of approval projects. For example, we create safety assessments for cosmetics and biocompatibility assessments for medical devices. Here we focus in particular on infection prevention and wound treatment products. For more information please contact INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH for assistance in developing specialized protocols for your test materials. INVITRO-CONNECT GmbH: Fast Project Execution: personal - competent - reliable --> contact@invitro-connect.com

Industrial microbiology
  • biological and microbiological analysis laboratories
  • analysis and research laboratory
  • Microbiological examinations tests virus

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