Micronization / grinding Drug Mill

Drug Mill


Drug Mill The economic solution for grinding your natural products The drug mill used by us enables an economical external grinding of leaf drugs, herbs and plant roots for our customers. This way our clients save having to invest in their own, only mills that would only be fully utilized seasonally – at the same time they remain flexible with the production of teas, remedies or natural cosmetics. Technical data Throughput: 0,5-3 to/h Target fineness: 1-15 mm Product-contacting parts: Stainless steel Cleanability: Completely cleanable Grinding plant: Granulator with screen insert Feeding: Via bunker with clearing device and double shaft screw Container: Feeding as bagged goods, bales, Big Bags, octabins or in drums Areas of application Grinding of drug precursors Grinding of willow bark Grinding of St. John's wort Grinding of tea leaves Grinding of plant roots After grinding, filling in Big Bags or other containers Prospect for download

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