Microscopic analysis service

meaningful microscope analysis of your parts


Thanks to latest digital technoloy, we can meet your demands at a high professional level. We provide 2D/3D measurement (e.g. dimension measurements, burr measurements, grain size analysis, residual contamination analysis according to ISO 16232 & VDA 19, profile measurements, particle analysis, 3D presentation) with multi-lightning view for various illumination angles, optical shadow effects to clearly identify smallest univenness, reflexion reduction and HDR-view for high colour graduation. Several types of perspectives are possible thanks to a pivoted angle of sight (up to 90°) or by adjusting the mobile object lense (e.g. hollow spaces). We compile a detailed documentation including pictures or videos, where even real-time swivellling views can be recorded. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry!

Industrial analysis laboratory
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  • rubber analysis
  • Industrial analysis laboratory

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