Microwave Perimeter Protection Sensor


FORTEZA-M200 is a volumetric bi-static microwave sensor that generates an invisible detection zone between a transmitter and receiver. When an intruder crosses the detection zone, an alarm is generated. FORTEZA-M200 provides perimeter security of any object that needs protection against unauthorized intrusion from outside (industrial plants, airports, power station, private houses, etc.)

Alarms and surveillance - systems and equipment
  • security systems
  • perimeter burglar alarm systems
  • Anti-theft systems and equipment

Product features

Operational frequency 24.15 GHz
Range 10…200 m
Detection width 0.5...2.1 m
Detection height up to 1.6 m
Supply Voltage 9…30 V
Current consumption 0.045 A
Detection probability 0.98
Operational temperature minus 50...+80 °
Protection Level IP-55
Alarm output Relay contacts
Interfaces RS-485, USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet (upon request)

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FORTEZA-M. Unboxing. The contents of the security sensor FORTEZA-M

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