Milano Prestige


100% best Arabica coffees from Brazil, Columbia, Honduras, Costa Rica and Peru. Brazil: “Santos” is a smooth and balanced Brazilian coffee with a clean and fine aroma. A chocolaty flavor, a full body, intense aromas and a persistent finish define its essence. • Columbia: Most Columbian coffees are of the Arabica variety: extremely aromatic and full-bodied defined by hazelnut and flowery finish and fragrance. • Honduras: Balanced and full-bodied coffee with a sweet liquorish fragrance. • Costarica: Excellent coffee with hazelnut-colored crema and a fragrance of apples and dates. Light acidity. • Peru: Delicately structured coffee with a fruity and cocoa finishThe specific roast yields a very rich and textured coffee, full-bodied with a persistent finish of flowers and chocolate.

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