Military grade hydraulic cylinders
Our cylinders operate in the most difficult conditions  - GIDROLAST CO., LTD


Military and Naval equipment has some of the most demanding specifications and requirements of any machinery. It has to. Lives depend on it. From the frozen arctic tundra to hot humid jungles, from arid sand-blown deserts to the windswept salt spray of the oceans, military equipment is exposed to every conceivable environment on the planet. Military hardware is often stored unused for months or years at a time, but then must be ready to move and operate at a moment’s notice. The hydraulic cylinders used in this equipment must be of the very best quality. Gidrolast makes them. Gidrolast cylinders are carefully designed and engineered, using only the finest construction materials, and are precision-manufactured with cutting edge industrial equipment. The result is cylinders that meet the toughest military and naval specifications.

Cylinders, pneumatic
  • oil-hydraulic cylinders
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