The most common form of milling is face milling; an extremely wide range of tools can be used for this process, ranging from a HSS milling cutter through to high speed milling cutters with cutting inserts in many different shapes and geometries. Several points must be watched in high speed milling and therefore a progressive cut should be preferred. The entry radius is crucial and this should therefore be programmed on entry and exit. It is particularly important that the feed rate should also be reduced when entering the work-piece until the milling cutter is fully engaged. Tool selection FMA 01: a soft cutting milling tool with a large positive cutting geometry in the 50- 315 mm diameter range. Wiper inserts also provide the best surface quality. FMA 07: a new, highly economical milling cutter with 16 cutting edges for machining steel and grey cast iron. FMD 02: a top clamping system for changing inserts quickly and easily; it is also very economical thanks to its 12 cutting edges arranged on two sides. FMD 03: These milling cutters form part of our range for use in heavy roughing, deep cutting depths up to 17 mm and diameters from 125 - 400 mm.


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