Fast and accurate measurements of the smallest resistance values are possible with the milliohmmeter RESISTOMAT® model 2316. Due to the rugged aluminium injection moulding desktop housing with membrane keypad it is suitable for use in laboratory and industrial environment likewise. Wires and coils can be measured with temperature compensation. The temperature of the sample is measured with a Pt100 or pyrometer and the resistance is then corrected to the equivalent at e.g. 20 °C (adjustable) in the instrument. The application range is very wide such as the measurement of: - transformer motor coil windings - coils of all kind - cables and wires on the drum or as meter samples - switch and relay contacts - heating elements - fuses - connections and transitions at power rails and many more Specific characteristics: - Autorange - Temperature compensation for all materials - Thermal e.m.f. compensation - Input voltage protection up to effectively 400 V

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Milliohmmeter
  • measuring instruments
  • temperature compensation

Product features

Measuring range 2 mΩ bis 200 kΩ
Resolution 0.0001 mΩ bis 10 Ω
Measurement accuracy 0.03 % rdg.
Measurement display 21 000 counts
Automatic temperature compensation Yes
Comparator Yes
Interfaces RS232, PLC,
Interfaces USB (option) Ethernet (option)

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Clamping devices for stranded copper cables, aluminium and copper wires

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