These systems are used to grind the product to mash. Bearing in mind the subsequent pressing stage, the desired grain size is approx. 5-8 mm, which can be achieved using the solutions described below. Grating mill: The mill consists of a housing in which the shaft of the main frame and the motor is fitted. The feed screw and the rotor are installed on the shaft, while inside the housing there is a set of grinding blades. BRM 20 BRM 30 Efficiency20 t/h 30 t/h Power input11 kW 18 kW MaterialAISI 304 AISI 304 Hammer mill: This system is designed to produce mash from vegetables and stone-free fruits. BMH10 BMH15 Efficiency10 -12 t/h 15 -18 t/h Power input11 kW 18 kW MaterialAISI 304 AISI 304 Crushing mill: This mill is perfect for mashing berry and stone fruits such as cherries. BQM 10 Efficiencyup to 30 t/h Power input1, 5 kW Materialstainless steel

Mixers and grinders for the food processing industry
  • hammer mills
  • grating mills
  • crushing mills

Product features

Robust Simple and very effective process
Quick and easy to clean Convenient maintenance

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Fruit pulp preparation - dosing units, elevatos, mills

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