Mineral insulated thermocouple, type K, Ø 1,0 mm, NL 50 mm

Temperature probes

9.14€ TTC


Mineral insulated thermocouples are thermo wires compressed in fire resistant magnesium oxide which ensures a high pressure resistance. Thermocouples type K are suited for the range -200…+1100 °C. The shock resistant construction assures a long life span.

Product features

Name Mineral insulated thermocouple
Temperature measuring range -200...+1100 °C
Sensor Mineral insulated thermocouple type K, NiCr-Ni
Accuracy DIN IEC 60584-1, Class 1
Tube length 50 mm
Tube diameter 1.0 mm
Tube material Inconel
Connection 15 mm free ends
Environmental data RoHS 2002/95/EG compliant
Weight 0.0002 kg

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