The Mini Bag Slitter is prefered by companies that have limited production area. It has an ergonomic design that provides portability in production area is most important advantage of the machine, further more it has also economic price. Bags are slitted in the middle by two rotary blades which is driven with different motors and emptied to the silo. Empty bag compactor provides great convenience to transport proccess of empty bags.Dust filter system is optional, ensures dust free slitting proccess to protect the workers from the harmful chemicals and ensures the clean produciton areas. AISI304 stainless steel body and parts is optional that is impeditive in food factory. Machine capasity 9 tons for an hour (25kg bags). Machine can slit PVC,PP,PE, KRAFT PAPER, JUTEBAG type of bags and powder,granular meterials.

Bag filling machinery and equipment
  • bag slitter
  • mini bag slitter
  • automatic bag slitter
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