Energy capacity 56.5 Nm/cycle Stroke 18.8 mm Optimizing PET stretch blow machines: MAXIMACE, the new PET shock absorbers from ACE, shine with longer service life compared to previous solutions and an operating time of over 20 million strokes. They work simply and faster than other shock absorbers and are stronger at the same time. As a result, downtime is reduced and system performance and production volume are increased. This is accomplished by numerous details such as innovative aluminium outer housings for better heat dissipation, improved high temperature seals (up to approx. 107°C), a diaphragm accumulator for faster cycle times and a larger damper chamber which is filled with food-grade oil. All of this significantly contributes to reduced wear and extended service life. These self-adjusting, specialized shock absorbers stand out in their field of PET container production due to their compactness and distinctively colored aluminium bodies.

Product features

Energy capacity 56.5 Nm/cycle
Energy capacity 203,373 Nm/h
Effective weight min. 8 kg
Effective weight max. 45 kg
Return Force min. 16.9 N
Return Force max. 31.6 N
Return Time 0.1 s
Side Load Angle max. 2 °
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 107 °C
Material Aluminium; Piston rod: Hard chrome plated steel
Damping medium NSF H1 Oil reduces cross contamination issues
Application field PET Stretch Rod and Mold Applications

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