Axon' has developed picocoax® a complete range of miniature coaxial cables and harnesses for applications where a large number of signals have to be transmitted with no interference. They can be used for measurement equipment and medical devices. Picocoax miniature coaxial cables offer a good compromise between small diameter (for example 0.20 mm) and capacitance of 50 to 100 pF/m. Picocoax® miniature coaxial cables are made with silver plated copper alloy conductor and high performance dielectric materials including FEP or Celloflon (porous PTFE patented by Axon'). Axon' also offers multipicocoax made with bundles of 18 to 304 picocoax cables. These composite cables are very flexible.

Electric cables
  • mini coaxial cables
  • composite cables


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