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Miniature pressure transducer - 81530 - Relative pressure transducer, flush mounted diaphragm, analog, stainless steel


This transducer is really versatile thanks to its flush-mounted front diaphragm and small size. Whether used for measurements in the food industry or engineering sector, it is equally at home in high-viscosity fluids as it is in corrosive liquids and gases. Its excellent dynamic response means that the transducer can also measure very rapid changes in pressure. Areas of use: —Plastics industry —Aerospace engineering —Chemicals industry —Test station construction —Biotechnology The diaphragm, body and bayonet connector form a single unit in this miniature pressure transducer. The thin diaphragm fabricated from a single piece with clamping ring, and the connector, are welded to the sensor body to provide a hermetic seal. FEATURES: Measuring ranges between 0 ... 1 bar and 0 ... 1000 bar Flush mounted diaphragm Temperature range up to 200 °C Suitable for static and dynamic measurings Made of stainless steel Reliable and robust Protection class IP68

Product information

Measuring range
0 … 1000 bar
Kind of measurement
Absolute pressure
Signal output
0.3 mV/V, 0.6 mV/V, 1.5 mV/V, Depending on measuring range
Range of operating temperature
-55 ... +200 °C
Burst pressure/ -protection
400 % over capacity
Dead volume
Flush mounted sensor without dead volume