Mini-capsule Filters

Filters for laboratories


Minicapsule filters are intended fro filtration of small batches of expensive products, for air devices protection, for tank breathing and other laboratory and smallscale industrial processes. Minicapsule filter is ready for use complete nondetachable filter 100 mm height and 48 mm diameter composed of a polypropylene housing with a membrane (MKM) or fiber (MKV) pleated mini cartridge with the filtration surface area up to 0.07 m2 (700 cm2) press fitted in it. The structure allows using minicapsule filters without installation of steel equipment. The minicapsule filter is available with a single type of connection nipple (joining pipe) for the 810 mm hose (DN – 6 mm), discharge valve clamp (sanitary) connection. Main applications

Filtering equipment and supplies
  • Mini Capsule
  • Capsule Filters
  • Efficient Filtration

Product features

Maximal pressure drop, Mpa 0,3 at 20°C, 0,1 at 60°C
Maximal operating temperature, °С 0-60
pH range basic filtering material
Autoclaving 121°С, 0,11 MPa, 30 min, 3 cycles

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