Data logger for stand-alone applications. The Minilog B is used to display and record measured data from an analog and digital input signal. It can be applied where a compact data logger is needed. In addition to data storage the data logger also monitors two set points. Violation of these set values are indicated in the display. Additionally it is possible to transmit a message to a computer or mobile phone using the telephone network or wireless modem (Tele-alarm option).

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Datalogger
Functions Signal analysis; interface / modem; ReadWin 2000
Maximal input 1 analog (U, I, Pt100); 1 digital (message-, counting input)
Interface RS 232
Storage/Recording Internal memory
Display Alphanumeric LC-Display
Housing field Housing
Power supply external supply unit 7...30 V DC; battery
Software package Tele-Alarm


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