EVAL VM-XL has been specially developed to provide excellent gas and water vapour barrier properties to VIP panel skin.  This maintains the vaccuum longer and extends the insulation efficiency and thus service life of the VIP panel. Minimal gas permeation with EVAL™ in the seal Improving the performance of the skin only makes sense if the weakest link of the structure - the seal - is also improved. Gas permeation through the seal can be significantly reduced by using EVAL™ EF-E as the sealing layer. EVAL™ oxygen barrier properties are 10,000 better than LDPE, and the higher seal temperature means better VIP performance at higher temperatures. Since EF-E is relatively hydrophilic, before or during processing we recommend pre-drying the film (for example, 105°C for three hours). By combining low conductivity, resistance to manipulation, minimised permeation through both skin and seal and use as either intermediate or sealing layer, EVAL™ film continues to promote efficient

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