Mirina Air Plus series of pellet stoves have been designed for those who want to heat their ambiance while at the same time to enjoy watching the flame. You can experience the pleasure of a fireplace while using our Mirina Air Plus Pellet Stove that can be put the most proper place of your home While heating your home with hydro system, it can also provide 3 kw of hot air via the air channels available at the top. Thanks to easy access to the panel at the back and english menu it provides an easy use. Mirina Air Plus series of pellet stove provides the highest fuel volume of its class with a 53 LT of integrated fuel hopper.Thanks to this,the fuel feed requirement has been reduced to the minimum.Also It provides a high level of safety with special heat-resistant thermal glasses and an extra cover at the front. With the covers fitted with child locks, there will be no question of safety in your mind.

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