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Mixing Bulk material processing with convincing results With our mixing systems homogeneous mixtures and coatings are produced from various bulk material. This is enabled by our cutting-edge mixing machinery which includes drum mixers, container mixers, Nauta Mixers, high-speed mixers, Rhönrad mixers, swivel screw mixers and other special mixing systems. Modern machinery guarantees quality The mixing machinery at Ebbecke is supplemented by a fully automatic gravimetric load cell weighing plant, as well as by a chopper, nozzle fittings and equipping possibilities for various containers. Technically, Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG is thus equipped for every task imaginable in the area of contract mixing, even for contract mixing of particularly shear-sensitive bulk material. The quality of our mixing machinery proves itself in the technical details: Product-contacting parts consistently made of stainless steel in accordance with the current hygiene standards. Furthermore, all mixing sys

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