Mixing disperser YSTRAL Dispermix

Vertical mixing in micro and macro range, dispersed product completely


Intensive vertical mixing of the container ingredients in the micro and macro range. An additional downstream shear ring dispersion is not necessary. Due to optimal dispersion performance, high efficiency and easy handling of the mixing tools used, the Dispermix meets the high requirements of demanding production processes for the introduction of liquids or powders into liquid. Agglomerates are crushed and thus better wetting of the powder with the liquid. Different slot widths allow the adaptation to the corresponding application. The Dispermix head generates two differently directed liquid streams. A vertical partial flow is directed straight to the vessel bottom, where it is divided and circulates the entire vessel contents. A second partial stream is deflected horizontally in the Dispermix head and guided through the dispersion zone. Solid particles and/or droplets are reliably comminuted and homogeneously distributed.

Mechanical engineering - custom work
  • Mixed dispersion
  • Homogenizing
  • Dispersion

Product features

Power 0,5 – 55 kW
Bearing flange Alumin1.4404 (AISI 316 L)
Voltage 230 / 400 / 500 V, 50 Hz
diving part Stainless steel 1.4404

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