Mmk Membrane Filters For Laboratories

Filters for laboratories


Microporous nylon membranes (MMK) are white porous films produced according to own proprietary technology on the basis of polyamide by wet spinning method with a wide range of pore sizes from 0,1 to 3 microns. Due to the high porosity and controlled pore size MMK membranes possess high retention effectiveness at high filtration rate. MMK membranes meet requirements to the medical products and materials continuously contacting with blood and lymph. Fine and sterilizing filtration of water solutions and blood preparations. Bioburden reduction filtration and sterilizing filtration of parenterals and pharmaceutical liquids. Prefiltration and sterilizing filtration of aggressive media (diluted acids, alkalis, solutions, photoresists). Microbiological analysis.

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Product features

Maximum operating pressure, °С 70 (80 short-term)
pH range 3-14
Maximum permissible pressure drop, Mpa 0,5

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