Mobi-X 12-75 Baltoscope

Digital imaging & Software


The Mobi-X is a portable flat panel detector. Thanks to its battery and Wi-Fi interface, a digital inspection can now be done anywhere. Moreover the Mobi-X is very light, robust and ergonomic which makes it easy to be used in harsh environment and conditions. Equipped with an internal memory, the Mobi-X can to store images in order to allow the operator to unload them later. The Mobi-X is an X-ray detector with a 16-bit conversion for 75 μm² available in 3 different sizes. The acquisition software of the Inspection Suite comes with the equipment providing a user-friendly interface for the acquisition of images. The optional Image Processing Software (IPS012) makes it a complete solution. Flat panels are a combination of electronics and silicon, providing direct conversion support to display radiographic images instead of using the traditional film technique. This helps to reduce the exposure time but also gives an extended range of thicknesses using the same energy range.

  • x-rays
  • panel detector

Product features

Weight Kg 2
Receptor type TFT with photodiode
Conversion screen Csl or Gadox
Pixel matrix 2304 x 3072
A/D Conversion Bits 16
Active area mm 172,8 x 230,4
Pixel pitch µm 75
Image frequency Fps 1 (75x75)
Interface WiFi or GbE
WiFi 802.11n WiFi Std @ 2,4GHz, 5 GHz
Image transfer time WiFi: 3000ms / GbE: 1500ms
Power supply Rechargeable battery 11,1V*

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