Pre-filtration filters on the outside of the unit The PRO200i/210i pressure adaptor is used together with the PRO100 series and generates, depending on the way it is installed, a positive or negative air pressure in the room. Pressure differences up to 10 Pascal can easily be obtained, depending on the sealing of the room. › 360° uniform air extraction and air supply › Is able to achieve ISO 5 or ISO 6 level › Filter detection by ID code (filter condition) › Remote Control by key switch (security) Gallery for MCA-PRO 200/210 PRO 200i/210i PRO 110 with 210i Particulate air filter Used in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities Immune-compromised patients Oncology, haematology, neonatology, transplant, burn units, etc. Infectious patients Tuberculosis, chicken pox, SARS, MRSA, flu viruses, etc. General use in Operating theatres, intensive care units, isolation wards, etc. Precautions during construction works Aspergillus emissions during renovation works.

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