Mobile calibration device KAL 84

Calibration device with integrated pressure generator, for mobile applications


The portable, battery-operated KAL 84 calibration system combines a pressure transmitter and pressure gauge. These can be used to test and calibrate pressure sensors and other pressure gauges for low pressures both quickly and easily. A high degree of accuracy and excellent reproducibility of results combined with a robust design give the system all the functionalities required for laboratory and service applications. Calibration in mmHg (optional) makes the system ideal for applications in accordance with the regulations for users of medical products, e.g. blood pressure monitors and infusion/suction pumps.

Calibration equipment
  • Pressure calibration
  • pressure generator
  • Mobile calibration

Product features

Measurement range 0 .. 100 Pa - 0 .. 100 kPa (or 0 .. 300 mmHg or 0 .. 750 mmHg)
Margin of error ± 0.2 % or ± 0.5 % of max. value

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Mobile pressure calibration with KAL 200

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