Mobile plastic granules dryers from the JETBOXX® system are available with a volume of 30/50/75/200 litres and can be optimally adapted to your requirements with a large number of options. They can be used anywhere, where top-mounted dryers fail because of weight / or space reasons, and flexibility is required. When changing the setting of task, the components can be combined easily or used for example as top-mounted dryers. The compressed air-based dryers are maintenance-free and provide professional functions such as: plastic-specific and throughput dependent dryer settings, database for plastics, conveying control, week timer, overheating protection, dew point measurement, speed dial programs, personal programs, and many more.

Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
  • plastics dryer
  • granules dryer
  • dryer system

Product features

Type of dryer Mobile - stand alone
Dryer control WINneo / WINsystem
Container sizes 30 - 200 liters
Dew point system WINsystem
Drying temperatur 185°C
Power supply 230V, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air qual. ISO 8573-1
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