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  • Modifier of asphalt concrete "UltraDor"

Modifier of asphalt concrete "UltraDor"

Asphalt concrete modifier based on rubber powder


The modifier is designed to improve the quality and durability of the roadway. The widespread introduction of the proposed modifier solves a number of important socio-economic problems, such as the ecological problem of the formation of waste rubber products, the preservation of the value of waste during processing and further use. The introduction of the modifier into the asphalt concrete mixture allows you to obtain the following effects: Improving the transport and operational performance of asphalt concrete pavements. Increase in the service life of the coating and turnaround times. Reduction of operating costs for road maintenance. Improved coating properties in different climatic zones. Increase of vehicle traffic safety. The scientific novelty of the proposed solutions lies in the approach to obtaining the main component of the modifying additive. The proposed solutions make it possible to simplify the implementation of innovative technologies in industry as much as possible.

Product information

Bulk Density
Sieve residue 0.9 mm, %
Specific surface, m2 / g
Self-vulcanizing ability
Complexity of application
Doesn't change technology
Improved coverage performance, %