Linear axis with belt drive. Rolling on trapezoidal, round or recirculating ...


Modline linear modules are toothed belt or ball screw driven systems with high accuracy, speeds and load performances. Our experience in the fields of the automotive plants, painting, plate working, manufacturing machines and palletization systems has allowed us to widen our product range with the most advanced technical solutions. Our products stand out for their: high quality and competitive performances; up to 12-m beams (longer lengths can be obtained with jointed versions), high level torsional rigidity, precise shape; no play transmissions achieved by high torque couplings; beams with transversal stiffening ribs and preset for threads on profile ends; accurate scaling and consequent reduced maintenance; fast and accurate belt or without play screw drives; the most complete range of accessories. The Modline linear module strong points are: toothed belt or ball screw driven linear modules; rolling on trapezoidal or recirculating ball guides; payloads from 3 to 2000 Kg; up to...

Internal transport systems
  • Optimal reliability in dirty environments
  • Patented short belt solution for very long multi-axes systems
  • Versatile for multiple configurations

Product features

Max. speed 7m/s
Max. acceleration 50m/s2
Maximum useful stroke length (for single system 11.480 mm (longer lengths can be obtained with jointed versions).

Additional product literature


Product demonstration-Z-axis with Omegabelt

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