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Modular Container and Building



Modular container systems offers the benefits of traditional building but, the best advantage is you do not need to wait long time to have finished product. These modular units use in many areas like offices, schools, clinics, site camps, hospitals etc. It is possible to have different size and different model modular containers according to your needs. Standard dimensions are 3x2,5m, 6x2,5m and 11,70x2,5m with 50mm,80mm,100mm polyurethane, rockwool and eps insulation. Modular container also combined with sanitary equipments to make more useful and places of windows and doors can be changed. If you need easy assembled and fast production container systems do not wait to choose modular construction solutions.

Buildings, modular
  • modular container
  • modular offices
  • modular portacabin

Product features

10 feet modular container 3,00x2,50m
20 feet modular container 6,00x2,50m
40 feet modular container 11,70x2,50m

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