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Modular Container

Modular Prefabricated Container

2870.00€ TTC


If you are looking for a perfect quick solution to accommodate your workforce, look no further than Module-T. We have over 15 years’ experience as Turkish prefabrictad supplier delivering large-scale worksite camps across 6 continents, and are leading experts in designing, manufacturing, and installing top-quality, highly prefabricated modular container. Our flatpack modular container are prefabricated steel units that can be used as offices, hospitals and clinics, schools, building site worker camps, overnight accommodation, shower and WC facilities, locker rooms, and anything else you can imagine. These prefabricated containers are especially ideal for companies operating in public infrastructure development as well as in the mining and gas and oil industries. Our portacabins come with a wide range of benefits. Modular containers rapidly produced, assembled, and transported to clients, as well as being safe, durable, environmentally sound, and available at competitive prices.

Buildings, modular
  • modular container
  • prefabricated modular container
  • portacabin

Product features

10 feet modular container 3,00x2,50m
20 feet modular container 6,00x2,50m
40 feet modular container 11,70x2,50m

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