Modular Tooling Systems for Transfer Presses
Modular Tooling Systems for Sheet Metal handling  - SAMEC S.R.L.


The Modular Tooling Systems for Transfer Presses consist of arms and pneumatic clamps, these clamps allow the gripping of the sheet metal pieces for their movement to the subsequent work phases. It is also possible to use compensation slides or groups of actuators to realize auxiliary movements on the transfer lines. A simple design, a fast assembly and a rapid development can be achieved by using modular components, such as terminals of various types, extensions, joints and regulation elements. Two types of Brackets can be used for the junctions. The first type consists of friction brackets with open rings that are tightened by appropriate screws. These brackets can move along a tube, hence, the adjustment of the position can be done either along the axis of the tube or angularly. The second type of bracket consists of gear brackets that can fit any requirement thanks to an Exclusive Modular System. With only 8 pieces it is possible to reach unlimited combinations.

Pneumatic system components
  • modular tooling systems
  • transfer presses
  • sheet metal handling

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Modular Tooling Systems for Transfer Presses
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