The robust ERM modular magnetic encoders are especially suited for use in production machines. Their large available inside diameters, their small dimensions and the compact design predestine them for C axis on lathes. For years, the ERMs have been the preferred encoders for C axes on lathes. Besides their high resistance to contamination, the large inside diameters are also important to allow bar material to be machined without limitations. Because of this design arrangement, the graduation of the ERM is usually on a much larger diameter than the workpiece. Position errors of the encoder therefore affect workpiece accuracy to a correspondingly reduced degree.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • modular
  • magnetic
  • encoders

Product features

Scanning Head AK ERM 2410
Interface EnDat 2.2
Scale Drum TTR ERM 200 C
Measuring standard MAGNADUR grad. / signal period ~400 µm
diameter in / out 40-410mm / 75.44-452.64mm

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