Monodose Injection


LIQUID Sub-cutaneous Use The prefilled syringe is mounted into the reusable activation device. After removal of the tip cap, the ModularInject is placed to the injection point. By activating the device, the skin is penetrated and the drug substance is injected. After the injection is finished, the syringe is discharged and can be disposed as usual. The activation device is ready for the following administration. ModularInject Monodose Injection Unique and smart solution to close the gap between manually applied prefilled syringes and complex auto-injectors. Single Use: Prefilled syringe with tip cap Multiple Use: One-piece activation device with an integrated plunger, automatic penetration, traveller and needle security functionality System Benefits (B2B) Applied/used either with a standard prefilled syringe in accordance to ISO 11040-4 or alternatively with an own developed packaging optimized prefilled syringe Free set combination of different dosages or different drugs...

  • pharmaceutical packaging

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