Moisture Tester MT-CA - Drying oven for testing the moisture of food, feed, polymer and tobacco products



The MT-CA provides an individual and serial determination of the moisture content of different kinds of sample material, such as flour, grain, starch, bread, pasta, coacoa, chocolate, tobacco, coffee, spices, herbs, polymers etc. It determines the moisture content by the loss in weight of the sample material which results from drying. Why is this important? - Moisture is an indicator of storability of different materials. High moisture content attracts mold, bacteria, and insects. Low moisture content indicates stability during storage - Determining moisture content is an essential first step in quality analysis, since this data is used for other tests - Flour millers adjust the moisture in wheat to a standard level before milling What are the benefits? - Internationally standardized reference method - Up to 10 samples at a time - New browser-based software MetaBridge for tracking measurements from any end device and location, at any time and by several users simultaneously