Our tooling engineers and designers have extensive experience in creating various blow molds and injection molds. Our in-house tooling department produces molds for most plastic articles made in Philplast as well as molds for use outside our company. We can design, produce and issue technical documentation before the mold making, or we can make molds from 3D documentation provided by the client. In our tooling production we use new fully equipped high-performance CNC machines. The maximum size of our blow molds is for articles up to 20 liters in volume. The maximum dimensions for our injection molds are 546 x 896mm with a maximum weight of 2,500kg. All molds made to be used in Philplast are thoroughly tested on out machines to ensure their perfect quality.

Moulds, plastic and rubber industry
  • injection moulds
  • manufacture of blow-moulding moulds

Product features

Maximum weight 2500kg


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