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Mongolia Naadam Festival Tour - 14-day Naadam Festival Tour


Once a year Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital city, is putting everything on hold as the country's top wrestlers, horse trainers and archers, are gathering from all corners of Mongolia to compete over the most prestigious titles for the Naadam Festival. Join us on this special Naadam Festival Tour that would not only take you to each of these competitions, but would venture off to some of the country's most beautiful natural sites, to meet the Mongolian nomads that preserve their ancient traditions to these days. The official state Naadam is held from July 11 to13 in Ulaanbaatar. But don’t worry! Those are not the only days Mongolians celebrate their famed festival. Many of the 21 provinces and its small administrative units of Mongolia celebrate the Naadam Festival on earlier or later dates in July, depending on local anniversaries and pasture or herd conditions.