Monocomponent Polyurethane Adhesive for Sticking Leather On

Mono-component Polyurethane Adhesive for Sticking Leather On Soles


POLYURETHANE ADHESIVE WITH MEDIUM-HIGH VISCOSITY Neoplastic ABR is a mono-component polyurethane adhesive suitable for sticking leather and synthetic materials on soles. It can be reactivated at about only 50° C. It is possible to increase performances adding activator Desmodur (5%). High Crystallization PECULIARITY: REACTIVATION AT 40°C CHARACTERISTICS : Viscosity : 2800 +/- 100 Cps Reactivation : 40/50°C USING INSTRUCTIONS : Mix very well the adhesive. Apply an homogeneous coat upon the two parts has to be sticked, wait for 20/25 minutes and then reactivate the adhesive at a temperature of 40/50°C and then press the two parts. In case of materials very oily or absorbent we advise to use our PRIMER-HP as a first hand. PREPARATION OF THE SOLES : LEATHER SOLES : No preparation TR SOLES : Wash the soles with PRIMER-FAC RUBBER SOLES : Card the soles and wash them with PRIMER-FAC PU SOLES : Card the soles TUNITH SOLES : Wash the soles with PRIMER-FAC The adhesive can be improved...

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