Monodose with spray or drip pattern or injection



LIQUID, SEMISOLID Nasal, Ophthalmic, Topical, Oral, Auricular Use The prefilled cartridge is mounted via bayonette into the reusable activation device. After twisting off the tamper evident tip, the modular dose is placed to the intended area of application and the activation device is squeezed to apply the product. Monodose with spray or drip pattern or injection (ModularFamily) Monodose with spray, drip or line pattern ModularUnitDose The evolution of a monodose results in the patented new development of the ModularUnitDose with a spray, drip or line pattern. To achieve this functionality, the modular dose consists of the following components: Single Use: Prefilled cartridge with a tamper evident twist off tip Tip design according to spray, drip or line pattern Moveable stopper Multiple Use: One-piece activation device with an integrated piston System Benefits (B2B) Reliable and correct dosage of drug delivery Combination of different dosages possible, just by varying the...

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