FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM is series top-quality monograde mineral oil for high-performance diesel engines. Contains anti-wear, anti-oxidation, detergent and dispersing additives. FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM oil series is made based on highly purified mineral base oils and a high-performance additive package. A shear-resistant viscosity modifier, is used in the production of FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM. FEATURES Oils of FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM series have the following features: Advanced engine protection for past generations Engine cleanness, low oil consumption through burning, excellent engine protection from scuffing Having different classes viscosity range allows to select the optimal product STANDARDS/APPROVALS FORSAGE DIESEL FORCE PREMIUM oils comply with API CH-4 / SJ grade.

Lubricants, industrial
  • Lubricants for cars
  • lubricating oil
  • Mineral Motor oil

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