Moringa Seed Oil


Moringa oil is extracted from fine quality Moringa seed kernels. We source raw materials from our contract farmers, well dried & selected seed lot are stored in cool and dry place. Then we process the Moringa seeds in a Dehuller to obtain Moringa kernels. It peels the seeds, deliver white colour Kernels. Moringa kernels are spread in drying chamber to maintain low Moisture. By discard foreign materials & waste kernels from the actual output, Graded as fine quality kernels to extraction. Our Moringa oil is extracted by cold Press technique, without using any chemicals, solvents. Our pure moringa oil in Pale yellow colour, good aroma can be used for cooking also. We follow good Handling practices Moringa oil is used specifically for skin care. It is touted as a natural remedy for anti aging. It is said to alleviate pain and it reduces stretch marks, scars and regenerates The skin. It is excellent massage oil.

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